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Beat Panic, the iPhone app

Panic attacks, anxiety, generalised anxiety disorder, anxiety attacks, palpitations, etc. There are many different names for this awful condition. A condition that blights the life of thousands and thousands of people every day in this country alone. The symptoms vary but can include palpitations, pins and needles, a feeling that you cannot breathe, dizziness and sweating. The attacks can happen at any time and can be so debilitating that some people are completely disabled by them.

For me, the attacks started when I was 18 and they terrified me; I thought I was dying. I couldn't breathe, my vision went, I had chest pains, pins and needles and my heart was racing at more than 120 beats a minute. These attacks  became so severe and occurred so often I lost 2 stone in weight. I was in such a state of permanent anxiety I couldn't eat. I was afraid to go out in case they happened in public. I felt I was in real danger of passing out and I was worried that I would make a fool of my…

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