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Grief and time

When her dad died more than a decade ago my eldest daughter, Tracey,  talked about how our lives had been travelling a certain path up to that point and when he died the path came to an end abruptly and we fell off. Her description feels so right. We found a different path eventually but it wasn't the same, it wasn't as bright, we weren't sure of the way and we knew we could never walk our old familiar path again.  Then Joe died and we had to do it all over again and then a month later Mally died and so it went on. Each time we found a different path, each time the path branching off and changing. In the last few weeks we've had another bereavement and there's's been a lot of sadness.  Inevitably too it makes us think about the other people we have lost and the impact of that.  It's made me think about grief and the nature of it and how we survive it and Tracey's analogy came back to me. My cousin lost her beloved eldest son last April and just re

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